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Family planning, more than anything else, defines the world around us and our future. But our current family planning models simply don’t work. They make our future less secure. 

Having Kids promotes and protects every child’s right to a fair start in life by replacing subjective, parent-centered family planning models with the human rights-based, child-centered, and sustainable Fair Start family planning model. The Fair Start model is designed to empower people from the moment they are born. It’s a family planning model that works and is the most effective way to target many of the world’s problems and protect our future.

Our main projects include: 

Featured Families

  • We are building a community of families who are leading by example to change family planning modeling, and speaking out publicly about the need for Fair Start family planning. These families are changing the culture and are working towards building the future we all want.  
  • We are publicizing the need for Fair Start family planning both in popular media and academic publications, using engaging discourse to change the culture of family planning.
  • We are encouraging public figures to lead by example and change the culture of family planing by publicly adopting the Fair Start model.


  • We are partnering with environmental, parenting, and other groups to promote the need for Fair Start family planning.
  • We are partnering with the University of Denver to study how to replace parent-centered family planning and implement the Fair Start model at the community level.
  • We are part of a coalition working to make long-term reversible contraception free and available to teens and those in need, consistent with a child-centered approach to family planning. 
  • We are laying the groundwork to urge the United States, European Union, and United Nations to replace parent-centered family planning models with the child-centered and human rights-based Fair Start model.

Fair Start Orders

Climate Action Plans

  • We are working to improve local climate change policies by including child-centered family planning measures, and creating a model that can be used in local communities everywhere.
  • We are developing litigation to protect your fundamental human right to nature. Protecting that right is necessary to legitimate government, and that right defines and is consistent with Fair Start family planning.

Please join us and help make a truly better and safer future for all!

Fair Start Family Planning

Take action to protect your future. 


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