What Do We Do?

Our world is filled with children who are suffering. There is massive inequality, environmental degradation and species extinction. Democracies are not empowering their citizens. If you could choose one thing to begin to change all of that, what would it be?

Family planning, more than anything else, defines the world around us and our future. But our current family planning models simply don’t work.

What does Having Kids do? We promote and protect every child’s right to a fair start in life by replacing unsustainable, subjective, parent-centered family planning models with the human rights-based, sustainable objective and child-centered Fair Start family planning model. The Fair Start model is designed to truly empower people, from the moment they are born. It’s a family planning model that works, and is the most effective way to target many of the world’s problems – all at the same time.

Here are some examples of our work:

  • We are building a community of families expanding the conversation about giving kids a fair start in life, with parents making decisions that are having a real impact towards building the future we all want.  
  • We are part of a coalition working to make long-term reversible contraception free and available to teens.
  • We are working to change climate change policies to include family planning measures, and create a model that can be used in local communities everywhere, as the most effective way to reduce emissions and ensure family planning systems are building resilient people who will thrive in the less hospitable climate of the future. 
  • We are partnering with the University of Denver to study how to implement the Fair Start model at the community level.
  • We are laying the groundwork to urge the United States, European Union, and two treaty bodies of the United Nations to abandon family planning models that don’t work in favor of the Fair Start model.
  • We encourage public figures to consider adopting the Fair Start model.

Please join us and help make a truly better future for all!

Fair Start Family Planning

Doesn’t every child deserve a fair start in life?


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