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The most effective way to protect YOUR future?

Universal Child-Centric Family planning policies that promote smaller families cooperatively and equitably investing more in every child. 

It’s called #fairstart.

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The most comprehensive and effective way to protect kids, animals, the environment, and our democracies is through new policies that ensure socially and ecologically sustainable family planning. That means reorienting family planning policies from a focus on what intending parents want to a focus on what all future children need. Nothing else comes close to doing as much good. When communities and parents work together to embrace policies that promote smaller and more equitable families, we can invest more in every child and create the future we all deserve. There is only one form of fundamental change – investing more in those with whom our children will share the world in order to give everyone a #Fairstart in life. 


The quality of our lives depends on the people around us, and people are largely products of the conditions in which they were born and raised. That means our and our kids’ future depends on how other people have and raise their children. The way forward? Child-centered and cooperative policies that help everyone do a better job at planning their families. It’s not about population and counting people. It’s about making people count, and constituting just communities. There is no way to create truly inclusive communities without changing the way we all plan families and starting from the first principle, or grundnorm, that all kids deserve a fair start in life. 


Parents who plan, and wait to be ready before having kids.

Communities and governments who ensure resources to give all kids a fair start.

Small, sustainable Families who make it all possible.

We owe future generations for the harm we have caused, ecologically and socially.

Investing more in kids through family planning reform, by building resilience, and by redistributing power to them from the top of our communities is the best way to pay them for what we have done. It limits the power we have over future generations – which is the fundamental source of oppression and injustice. The massive impact of that reform would ripple through the countless generations that vastly outnumber people alive on the Earth today, empowering them in inclusive communities, and liberating them. There is no greater act of justice than linking the obligations of existing concentrations of power to the empowerment needs of the most vulnerable, like future generations and the nonhuman ecologies that free them. That is working upstream – and nothing is as effective. 

Future children have a human right to #fairstart resources, and because it is the first and overriding human right – making us who we should be, we may take and distribute those resources by all means effective. Fair Start family planning is the genesis of true social justice. Legal systems that do not ensure them are not democratically empowering people, and are fundamentally exclusive, nonconstituitive and illegitimate. 

What we’re doing

Reducing Inequality

We advocate for Fair Start family planning to give every child a fair start in life.

Confronting Climate & Animal Impact

We work with communities and governments to incorporate sustainable family planning into their climate action plans making them 20 times more effective.

Preventing Child Abuse

We stop known abusers from having and harming more kids through Fair Start orders.

Making an Impact: Sustainable Families

See the impact made by better family planning.

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