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The most effective way to protect YOUR future?

Universal Child-Centric Family planning policies that promote smaller families cooperatively investing more in every child.

It’s called #fairstart. 

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The most comprehensive and effective way to protect kids, animals, the environment, and our democracies is through socially and ecologically sustainable family planning. Nothing else comes close to doing as much good. When communities and parents work together to embrace policies that promote smaller and more equitable families, we can invest more in every child and create the future we all deserve. Our kids’ future depends on how other people have and raise their own children. The solution? Child-centered policies that help everyone do a better job at planning their families.

The future that kids deserve.

Parents who plan, and wait to be ready before having kids.

Communities and governments who ensure resources to give all kids a fair start.

Small, sustainable Families who make it all possible.

Every child’s right to a socially and ecologically Fair Start in life is the first and overriding human right, and it physically constitutes us as the free and equal people we should be. It is the right that frees us from ourselves. As such it is the first necessary condition of human freedom and political legitimacy, and we may pursue it by all means effective. Social justice begins with Fair Start family planning policies, and balancing the right to have children with the community and parental responsibilities that come with that right and protect us all.

The Issues


Climate & Animals

Child abuse

Human Rights & Democracy

What we’re doing

Reducing Inequality

We advocate for Fair Start family planning to give every child a fair start in life.

Confronting Climate & Animal Impact

We work with communities and governments to incorporate sustainable family planning into their climate action plans making them 20 times more effective.

Preventing Child Abuse

We stop known abusers from having and harming more kids through Fair Start orders.

Making an Impact: Sustainable Families

See the impact made by better family planning.

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