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Are you sick of hearing about climate change without being able to do anything truly meaningful about it? But we can take action! Today Having Kids is launching our Protect Your World campaign. It’s simple:

We all know that if you want to better the world, you can think globally but need to act locally. And when it comes to mitigating climate change (and almost every other way we are destroying our children’s environment), the best way is by working with others to plan smaller and more sustainable families.

Having Kids is working with local governments to adopt policies, often as part of their Climate Action Plans, to:

  • Explicitly recognize (in their climate action plan or in other ways) the role family planning plays in climate change;
  • Endorse and/or implement any family planning model that promotes smaller, more sustainable, and more equitable families that provide every child a fair start.

You can make this case in your community, too!

Please start with this sample letter, and use it to open a dialogue with your local town, city, or county government about the need to take a position on family planning.

You can contact us to assist with the process.

The best way to protect your world is by changing the way we all plan families.

Let’s get started!

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