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Catharina Hughey, co-director at Having Kids, speaks out on the need for new Fair Start family planning policies.

Having Kids is working to make change — from changes at the United Nations to key policy reforms in the United States and other countries, from reforming our culture through role modeling to changing corporate behavior.

Video: Catharina Hughey speaks on the Fair Start family planning policy model

Every child’s right to a socially and ecologically fair start in life is the first and overriding human right. It physically constitutes us as the free and equal people we should be. It is the right that frees us from one another.

That right is the first and necessary condition of human freedom and political legitimacy, and we may pursue it by all means effective. Social justice begins with Fair Start family planning policies, and balancing the right to have children with the community and parental responsibilities that come with that right and protect us all.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Joe Biden and his team to embrace Fair Start.

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