Planning a fair start in life for every child.




Every child deserves a fair start in life.

Families and communities plan together to secure that fair start.

Everyone wins by creating a future filled with people who had a better start in life.

Together we can give every child a fair start in life.

A Call for Meaningful Action for Earth Day

Changing the way we plan families is the most effective way to fight climate change. We can't ignore the need for reform and still claim to care about either the environment or children. Without rational, fair start family planning, we will be condemning countless...

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Fair Start family planning Up Close: One family’s story 

Anne and Matt deliberately planned a fair start for their child. They had both grown up in large families and had first-hand experience with the dilution of and competition for parental time, attention, and resources. They wanted Ellen to have the options and opportunities they hadn’t had. Anne and Matt also wanted to have the time and resources to give back to others in their community – through volunteering, teaching, donating, and nonprofit work. By the time they chose to start their family, Anne and Matt were receiving help and support from a variety of sources, ranging from employer-based health insurance to hand-me-down clothes from colleagues. But we can do better. With the Fair Start family planning model, even more children can have a fair start.

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