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why have a small family?

There are numerous social and emotional benefits in choosing to have only one or two kids. But did you know that choosing a smaller family is the most effective way to reduce climate impact? Learn more here!

A few more reasons to have smaller families:

Women’s Empowerment 

Smaller families tend to result in a more equal distribution of parental responsibility. Women who have fewer children also tend to have greater decision making power in the household, and are less likely to be drowned out by a spouse or relatives – U.N.

Less Crowded Communities

Smaller classroom sizes, less gridlock and time spent in traffic, less urban sprawl, and more nature for all of us. Who wouldn’t want that?


More Resources To Go Around

When we all choose to have smaller families, communities can invest more in each child and there is less demand on public programs and safety nets. Every child gets a larger share of the pie, and will play a greater role in their community in the future.

Greater Happiness

“Recent research has found that happiness levels are maximized when the number of children is limited to two per family. Those who become a parent at a young age, which is often associated with having a larger family, reported downward happiness trajectories, while happiness levels were maximized when parents were older and had already acquired educational and financial resources.” – Population Matters


More Attention For Each Child

Perhaps the most simple, yet most important consideration: parents can provide more time, attention, and investment in each child when they have smaller families.


What about the headlines warning about falling fertility rates?

Fact: World population is already well over the carrying capacity of the Earth and is set to grow by billions in the years to come. Learn more: 

Falling Fertility Doesn’t Mean Economic Collapse.

No, Women Are Not Failing at Fertility.

Why Millenials Are Not Having Kids.

Research on Smaller Families

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