Child-first vs. Parent-first Family Planning

Having Kids promotes a child-first family planning model. What does that mean? Put simply, it means planning families around what kids need in the long-term, rather than simply around what parents want in the short-term. For example, teenagers may want to have kids...

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The Solution: Fair Start Orders

As discussed in the previous post, the Isolation Model of family planning, which ignores the objective interests of children and the community in favor of the subjective desires of parents, is the underlying source of all the problems described there. It hurts...

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What You Said About Large Families, Irresponsible Parenting

Taking on the parent-only approach to family planning will get a lot of pushback. That is why no other group will call out parents who don’t act with the child’s interest at heart. If you agree it is important to stand up for children and want more child-first advocacy, please be a part of Having Kids.

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