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Cory Booker is spot on in targeting the industrial agriculture complex that is destroying our environment and health.

But he could go further, and be much more comprehensive and effective.

That complex was created in response to, and is driven by, ballooning population growth. It also exploits and exacerbates the growing gap between rich and poor, in terms of who consumes and who produces the animal products. Booker should connect the dots, and tie his attack on factory farming to a new version of the guaranteed minimum income for children, or “baby bonds,” proposals he is known for. Specifically, those bonds could be funded by taxes on the biggest factory farming conglomerates, and be modified to incentivize smaller families that cooperatively exchange resources to give all kids a fair start in life. This would cut demand for the products of factory farms, restore our environment, and also restore the middle class – including middle class farmers – that is the antithesis of the toxic corporate structure at the heart of the United States food system. 

Urge Booker to take a more comprehensive and effective approach. Contact him here.

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