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July 2019 is likely to be the hottest month ever on Earth. A heatwave is currently settled over the U.S., and it’s deadly

What’s worse, these extreme temperatures brought about by climate change  trigger an increase in emissions. Our world’s explosion in population and poor family planning has caused a catastrophic feedback loop.

When we look at climate change, we know human impact is the problem, but we don’t all have the same impact. While there are of course things individuals can and should do to address the problem, the fact is that some people are more responsible than others for the large-scale destruction of our environment. 

Yes, the average person in a developed nation is partly responsible due to consumerism and technology that puts pressure on the environment. But for generations, CEOs and other power players have opted to suppress science, progress, and environmental stewardship in favor of knowingly pushing the environment toward a point of no return. 

These people are more responsible for the threat climate change poses to you and your family than most other people on earth.

Now that we are facing an uncertain future, shouldn’t we ask for the most action from those who are most responsible for the problem?

Let’s ask the CEOs to fund the most comprehensive and effective thing out there: Fair Start family planning reforms to help reverse the damage they’ve done.

Here’s how it works: Communities offer substantial resources, like guaranteed minimum incomes, to future parents. Then, in exchange, parents plan smaller families. By doing so, they can invest more in each child and have a smaller impact on the planet than they otherwise would have with a large family. Family planning and climate change are intersectional. An increasingly crowded planet means more impact on the planet.

Nothing will change if we don’t demand it. Now it’s time to use your voice.


Erika and Willow

The Phelps-Mathews Family

The Phelps-Mathews Family


Join Erika and Willow to TAKE ACTION.

Pick one of these CEOs, or another person who’s profiting off the destruction of our kids’ futures, and urge them to direct their money toward giving kids a Fair Start. They owe it to the next generation to undo the harm they’ve caused. We can’t wait to hear what you do: email us at info@fairstartmovement.org.




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