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This past Fourth of July, two everyday people Cassie and Matt – exemplified what it would mean to constitute communities that are actually free, in part by compensating future generations for the harm we have caused them through the climate, inequity and other ecosocial crises.

They are living the truth that justice for future generations overrides all other obligations, including property rights. Older generations lied about the “private” nature of family planning to protect concentrations of wealth and power from distributive obligations to future generations. That lie is fundamentally blocking justice.

Listen to this brief podcast to understand why.

Cassie, an activist and nonprofit professional said this about family planning:

Current corrupt concentrations of power push a growth model that promotes unsustainable family planning policies. They see us ordinary people as economic inputs in their machine, to use for our reproductive and other labor. It’s our job to fight that narrative and elevate the worth of every individual to have their basic needs met, on day one. My partner and I hope to adopt children one day and I feel the urgency to ensure that my future child, and all children, have the resources and opportunities that are their right.

Matt, a donor to the Fair Start Movement, said this:

I support the Fair Start Movement because I know that any claims I have to property and wealth are subject to ensuring every child a fair and equitable start in life, the first and overriding human right. I’m willing to step forward, as a donor, and say that. I challenge others to do the same.

Together, they are exemplifying a real new deal, one that fixes the fundamental source of the biggest problems in the world today, and leads to a comprehensively liberated state of affairs. It’s not about population. It’s about people, the vast majority of people, who will exist in the future. It’s about putting their interests first. And if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to plan for a child. Government derives from the people which derive from their creation. A just creation norm thus precedes and overrides everything else, including the government assigned property rights that have created massive power differentials between rich and poor.

We can spread this modeling, and this simple discourse: “Part of your wealth is my and my future child’s family planning entitlement and incentive.


1. Do you feel your child or future child deserves a level playing field and equal opportunities in life, relative to wealthy children – the many  millionaire and billionaire kids who will impact your child’s life?
2. What if your child or future child had a human right to that fair start ? Would you advocate for policies, and direct action, to ensure that right?
3. If you are someone with wealth, would you be willing to speak out in support of that right and those policies?

Can you help us find groups of people to enlarge the discourse that future children’s right to an ecosocial Fair Start in life overrides property rights, and necessitates distribution that will incentivize the most comprehensive and effective solution to the crises we face – Fair Start family planning?

Urge those you know who are willing to step forward and say this to contact Ashley Berke at Ashley@fairstartmovement.org

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