Featured Families Form Community!

We are grateful to the Having Kids families that shared their stories of how they are giving their children a fair start. By having a small family, they can invest more in each child, use extra resources to help others, and make a better future for all. These stories...

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Families Making a Choice – Meet Astrid and John

Jon and Astrid waited until their careers advanced before having their two boys because they wanted them to have the best start in life possible! Consequently, they’ve decided not to have more kids because of their belief in ohana, the Hawaiian concept of the...

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A Better Day for All Future Fathers

On Father's Day, we should consider how best to improve the lives of all future fathers and their children. It's hard to read through this New York Times article (“Remember the Population Bomb? It’s Still Ticking”) and not see the obvious: Our world would be a much...

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