Giving Tuesday: Why Donate to Having Kids?

You care about kids. You care about the environment. You care about equality. Why not do something to protect the things you care about, all at the same time? You can, simply by helping people work together and think ahead when it comes to planning their families....

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The Fair Start model, made easy

The Atlantic has for some time published a thoughtful series of articles analyzing the reasons people decide to have children. It's unfair to generalize about such a large body of work, but at Having Kids we think there is a sometimes express and usually implied norm...

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What Are the Consequences of the Baldwins’ Example?

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have announced that their recent fourth child was the first one they had "planned." They have since been criticized for having a large family. The Baldwins' quickly responded: "Here is why we like having babies: they are simply so lovely and...

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Are the Grandkids Worth It?

Caring about kids doesn't mean just having them. It means waking up and taking action to protect their future. Click here to read the full article at...

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