A Millennial’s Take on Having Kids

If potential parents are not prepared – practically and emotionally – to support their children, regardless of who they end up being, and what their needs are, they shouldn’t have kids.

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Trump’s Tax Scam: Here’s a Better Idea

Republicans are blocking access to family planning and playing politics with children’s health by delaying funding for the Child Health Insurance Program for some nine million needy kids. We must do better for kids.

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Having Kids Protects Kids from Abusive Parents

Having Kids is working to replace parent-centered family planning with the child-centered Fair Start model. Why? Some of the worst consequences of parent-centered family planning are the many abused and neglected children it creates and subsequently ignores. Because...

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The Future World Is Our Choice

What do you want the future to look like, for you and for your kids? The family planning decisions we make today will define the future. When parents choose to have larger families the world gets pushed towards higher projections in the graph above. This leads to a...

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Other Parents Can Lead by Example … Including You?

As expected, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announcing their third child has inspired other parents – and not in good ways. The exploding media around the growing Royal family is causing a “three is the new two” frenzy, despite some parents’ warnings and others...

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