n A Better Day for All Future Fathers - Having Kids

On Father’s Day, we should consider how best to improve the lives of all future fathers and their children.

It’s hard to read through this New York Times article (“Remember the Population Bomb? It’s Still Ticking”) and not see the obvious: Our world would be a much better place if the United Nations and member states had decades ago adopted a family planning model based on what children need, rather than simply what parents want.

We can begin to change that.

To start, we can lead by example. In wealthy countries like the United States (which are largely responsible for many of the problems in African countries), we can adopt the norm of smaller families that work together to invest more in each child. We can urge the United Nations and member states to change the family planning models they promote to the Fair Start model.

Consider signing the Fair Start declaration at HavingKids.org and helping all future fathers, mothers, and children!


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